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Aamil Astrologer Haffiz Anwar Ul-Haq Ji

Haffiz Anwar Ul- haq Ji is an experienced Aamil astrologer or a doer and has been presented with this reverent appellation out of respect. In Islamic culture, an Aamil is an expert practitioner, who exercises spiritual incantations for healing. An Aamil deals with a variety of concerns. He is thought to possess the power to make sense of people’s lives, decipher the hidden meanings behind events, and provide spiritual help. The people who seek a consultation from Haffiz Anwar Ul-Haq Ji, do so because they believe him to be a genuine Aamil – a man trained in the art of spirituality, a man they believe can solve their problems, and perhaps even give an insight into what the future holds for them.