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How Much Accuracy Lies in Face Reading

There is no end to the count of people who ask if face reading is accurate. And, I do not find it awkward, because there was a time when I was also unsure about its accuracy. I was very young when I heard of face reading and was skeptical (doubt) about it. However, all the doubts vanished when I first visited Haffiz Ji with my family and got my face read. I went through the process but was unsure if I would trust any face reader's words. To my surprise, the entire doubt went away with the amazing accuracy of the reading. And today I can say that face-reading mistakes rarely happen. Here are some very common reasons why you will find it inaccurate. Read to the last word and know how true it is.
Most of the times people are themselves not aware of the characteristics, their face discloses. This is a story that happened with my own face too. I have a slight widened nose, seeing which the face reader said that I am credulous and can be fooled by anyone easily. On hearing this, I could not digest the words and was ready to disagree. However, after I accepted his face reading predictions and reflected over it, I believed I really was. And, by this time I had not at all thought of being so gullible, which made me a bit sceptical to accept the truth. And, the other fact that made me not to consider the statement relevant was that I was not ready to agree over this kind of negative trait in me.
According to me, a person either accepts it true or denies to completely accepting the fact. Whatever be the scenario, a person is ought to respect the face reader’s perspective and if you are sceptical, it is suggested to not to misjudge without actually reflecting over the face reading statements.
Second major reason of experiencing inaccuracy in face reading is the misidentification of any face feature.
A face reader will definitely know the difference between a regular size nose and a big size nose.
Similarly a hooked chin and a slanting sharp chin both will depict two different types of characteristics in an individual. And, if you mix both of them, it will come up with a different trait.
Eventually, face reading is so far proved to be 93% accurate in all the sense.
Rest it depends on the reader you choose. As per my experience, it has never been an inaccurate affair.
My reader, Haffiz Ji had always been there reading my instincts and personality, which make me favour this subject completely.