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Easy tips on astrology remedies for health

Since each planet oversees a distinct set of health aspects, each planet has significance when it comes to health. These are the health issues associated with weak or malefic planets in the horoscope, along with corresponding astrological cures for each planet.   Sun: problems and remedies The head, eye, heart, bones, and bile are the segments that could be negatively impacted if the sun is weak in the horoscope. Take action on the following fixes if you observe these issues. 1. Have a glass of sugar water before heading out the door for work. 2. Steer clear of beef. 3. Regularly feed the black cow and monkeys. 4. Save for gifts from your parents, never take freebies 5. Give away clothing in deep or crimson hues.   Moon: problems and remedies If the moon is ill in your horoscope, you may experience mental health issues as well as regular irritations. Do the following to escape the situation. 1. Perform good deeds to obtain your mother's blessings. 2. Avoid engaging in milk-related industry. 3. Give young females candies. 4. Give birds food. Keep them out of cages at home.   Mars: Problems and remedies Mars will make you a coward if it is weak in your horoscope. You will experience mishaps and need surgery. You will experience blood loss, head injuries, acidity, abortions, piles, wounds, burns, and dyspepsia, among other health issues. In these situations, take the following action. 1. Give candy to temples. 2. Develop a neem tree indoors. 3. Frequently feed the cows. 4. Always carry a crimson handkerchief. 5. Keep an elephant tusk in your sleeping area. 6. Give blood when it's suitable. 7. Give to farmers, the armed forces, and military funds.   Mercury: Problems and remedies If Mercury is deficient, you may experience cognitive difficulties. Mercury-related health disorders include those about the neck, voice, and skin. Do the flowing when confronted with such issues. 1. Before wearing new garments, wash them. 2. Give milk and food to temples. 3. Never combine booze and meat. 4. Give cows to eat before you do. 5. Use a silver glass to sip water.   Jupiter: Problems and remedies If Jupiter is weak in your horoscope, you may experience issues with your liver, jaundice, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Follow these steps to get out of the predicament.
1. Put on a yellow turban or hat
2. Apply the yellow-colored substance known as sandalwood to the forehead.
3. Donate sweets or bananas to the elderly and the orphanage.
4. Develop the practice of supporting your siblings.
5. Put on some gold accessories.
6. Use the pen or car that belonged to your father.
Venus: Problems and remedies
Health issues associated with Venus might affect the face, kidneys, uterus, appendix, and eyesight. To fix the above issues, take the following actions.
1. Never put on dirty clothing.
2. Keep some silver coins in your wallet.
3. Give older folks and widows candies.
4. Use cow ghee in your household and give it to temples.
Saturn: Problems and remedies
You will experience long-term chronic health problems such as tooth problems, arthritis, limb problems, foot swelling, paralysis, skin disorders, and surgery if Saturn is weak in your horoscope. These are the solutions.
1. Give shoes to those in need.
2. Avoid consuming milk after dark.
3. Steer clear of buffalo milk.
4. Always carry little silver items.
5. Do what you can to assist the blind.
6. Place honey into an earthen pot, cover it, and bury it in the water.
Rahu: Problems and remedies
A weak Rahu in the horoscope can lead to a variety of health issues, such as poisoning, dementia, phobias of any kind, and terminal illnesses. Take the following actions to make things better.
1. Take part in feeding birds.
2. Put on a dark blue turban or cap.
3. Cohabit as a single family.
4. Place five radishes near your spouse's head at night and discard them in running water in the morning to prevent Rahu-related marital issues.
5. Keep water in the quadrant that faces southwest.
Ketu: Problems and remedies
A weak Ketu will lead to health issues such as surgery, chicken pox, and stammering. Use these astrological health cures.
1. Give candy to children in need.
2. Avoid using red coral beads for jewelry. Avoid donning red clothing.
3. Keep a silver ball on you at all times.
4. Keep honey in a silver jug at home.
5. Give away blankets with black and white checks to those in need.
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